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From the Hewer of Wood


On this page and in the archives will be the basics of Christendom that separate genuinely born-of-spirit sons of God from even sincere pretenders.

In John’s vision [the Book of Revelation] we find that once the single kingdom of this world is taken from the Adversary and given to the Son of Man, the Adversary—that old serpent, Satan the devil, the deceiver of the whole world—is cast to earth and comes in great wrath to kill and destroy because he knows his time is short (Rev 12:7–12) … if the Adversary has deceived the whole earth, has he not deceived greater Christendom, roughly a third of the world’s population? He has. So it isn’t to the teachers or theologians of greater Christianity that one of the chosen ones can go to be tutored in the fundamentals of Christ. It is only to another one of the chosen ones; hence, these “teachings” are intended to start a chosen one [one of the Elect] on a straight path to Christ, the chosen one’s elder brother.

Paul asked, “How are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent” (Rom 10:14–15)? His questions, more than nineteen centuries later, remain valid.

1.1 Fundamentals - Chirality & Fractals 1.2 More Fundamentals - Physical Reveals Spiritual
1.3 Even More Fundamentals - Why Doesn't God Intervene? 1.4 The Integrity of Scripture
1.5 More On Integrity 1.6 Translation Integrity
1.7 More Translation Integrity - Headcoverings