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In John’s Gospel, Jesus said no person could come to Him unless the Father drew the person from this world (John 6:44, 65), a statement that contradicts precepts undergirding decision theology … if no person can come to Christ unless drawn by the Father; if all Christians are to be taught by God (“‘It is written in the Prophets, “And they will all be taught by God”’” — v. 45; Jesus’ citation is from Isa 54:13), the evangelism of Christian ministries is presumptuous, the work of spiritual Lilliputians who don’t trust God to save those whom He foreknows, predestines, calls, justifies, and glorifies in this era before the Second Passover liberation of Israel, the nation to be circumcised of heart.

Links on this page are to websites of Homer Kizer Ministries. Some of the archived articles are older work, retained so that the interested person can see what was said in, say, 2003, versus what is being currently said. Spiritual growth will be seen, as well as consistency in the messaging.

The person firmly imbedded in a reading community that accepts the Bible as the unerring infallible Word of God will be troubled when obvious discrepancies are addressed. Likewise, the Christian who believes that salvation is by grace that has no ontological presence in this world will quickly exit these sites. But the person willing to be honest with Scripture will be mentally challenged by readings archived on these sites—and by new readings as they are posted.

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