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The call to reread prophecy has produced many megabytes of text arguing for moving prophecies about specific nations and peoples (with most having physical fulfillments) to being metaphorically about mindsets and mental landscapes, which will have Egypt being the topographical representation of Sin and Assyria being the topographical representation of Death, and with the Promised Land of Judea representing the Sabbath, the Millennium, and heaven itself. Earthly Jerusalem will represent heavenly Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ. The nation of Israel that is circumcised in the flesh will represent spiritual Israel, the nation circumcised of heart. The Law written on two tablets of stone will represent the Law written on two tablets of flesh, the heart and the mind. The flood of Noah’s day that has Noah and his sons crossing from one world into the next world will represent Christ Jesus and the seven named churches crossing from one age [this present age that has the Adversary as its prince] into the next age, when the Son of Man reigns over the single kingdom of this world as King of kings and Lord of lords. The Passover in the days of Moses will represent the Second Passover liberation of Israel.

There are too many articles about prophecy that this ministry has posted on line since 2002 to link each article. The links on this page are to books and to selected articles that remain timely.

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